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Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

When people ask me how to simplify dinner, I have a handful of go-to suggestions, one of which is to follow this formula: complex carb + vegetable(s) + protein + optional flavor booster (sauce, dip or dressing). Dinner doesn’t need to be complicated, require an abundance of ingredients or take a lot of time to […]

Small-Batch Vegetable Tian with Potatoes, Tomatoes, Summer Squash

Small-Batch Vegetable Tian

What can you do with a couple summer squash, some random potatoes and a tomato or two? Make this Small-Batch Vegetable Tian, a fun and beautiful spin on everyday roasted vegetables! It’s simple to assemble and pairs well with any protein. The vegetable amounts listed below are guidelines and can be customized based on what […]

Roasted Spring Vegetable Burrito

Roasted Spring Vegetable Burritos

I often write Tex-Mex inspired meals into our weeknight meal plan (they always go over well with the kids), so here’s a fun way to switch things up a bit to celebrate spring vegetables. These Roasted Spring Vegetable Burritos showcase the season’s freshest carrots and asparagus and make for a delicious meatless lunch or dinner.

Bowl filled with black bean soup, topped with diced avocado

Super Quick Black Bean Soup

Canned black beans, refried beans and tomatoes with green chilis transform into a quick and easy black bean soup. Customize the seasoning with whatever you’ve got on hand, like chili powder, ground cumin and oregano. Brighten it up with a squeeze of fresh lime (or vinegar). It’s delicious topped with avocado, shredded cheese or a […]

Asparagus Chicken Pasta with Parsley Pesto

Asparagus Chicken Banza Pasta with Parsley Pesto

Asparagus is one of my favorite spring vegetables because it’s quick to prep, quick to cook and full of nutrients. We often enjoy it as a simple roasted side dish, but I love it incorporated into pasta. This recipe calls for Banza pasta, a pasta made from chickpeas! It’s a good source of fiber and […]