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Welcome to The Dinner Shift! 

This corner of the web is dedicated entirely to helping busy moms put food on the table after the weekday grind, however that is defined for you and yours.

What you’ll find here…

Whether it’s recipes you’ll be able to confidently pull off in well under an hour, meal prep tips to help you get ahead, or advice for helping your family eat their greens, everything on this site is intentional with the busy mom in mind.

What you won’t find here…

This is a judgement-free, shame-free, food rule-free website. You won’t see me promoting any one best way to eat (because #spoiler, there isn’t one), or shaming you for buying non-organic ketchup, letting your kids eat dessert daily, or not buying organic grass-fed beef. Aside from providing realistic and reliable nutrition guidance to help inform your decisions, I’m in no position to tell you exactly what or how to feed your people. We’re all trying to do best by our families. This is a safe space for resources and encouragement, a virtual weeknight supper support group.


I’m a freelancing culinary dietitian by day, oatmeal stirring, milk pouring, dish scrubbing mom by morning, evening, weekend and all major holidays. I happily call Cleveland, Ohio home (except when it’s still snowing in March) with my husband, Kyle, and two boys, Caleb (9) and Ezra (7), three of the most handsome and brutally honest food critics I know.

I’ve spent the last 500+ weeks of my life trying to figure out this weeknight cooking gig, all while maintaining my sanity and desire to keep signing up for the dinner shift, night after night. While I can’t claim to have discovered the magic formula for weeknight dinner bliss (because, hello there, Real Life), I live by this:

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you find some inspiration here. xo