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One Pan Unstuffed Peppers

One Pan UnStuffed Peppers

Like Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls, One Pan UnStuffed Peppers likely won’t win any beauty contests, but the end result? A quick and flavorful one pan dinner that delivers in well under an hour, or less if you prep the veg in advance. All the flavor of a classic without the work.

Asian Spring Roll Bowls

Asian Spring Roll Bowls with Peanut Sauce

Asian Spring Roll Bowls – all the flavor of spring rolls without the fuss of actually making them! Combine your favorite spring roll fillings in a bowl atop cooked rice noodles or quinoa, and finish with a super simple peanut sauce you’re going to want to pour on just about everything.

Spiced Skillet Toasted Chickpeas

Spiced Skillet-Toasted Chickpeas

A quicker, more weeknight-friendly alternative to roasting chickpeas, these Spiced Skillet-Toasted Chickpeas come together in well under 10 minutes. Serve them atop salads or soups in place of croutons, or jazz up a bowl of rice and roasted vegetables.

Quick Braised Chicken with White Beans and Artichokes

Quick Braised Chicken with White Beans and Artichokes

The “quick braise” is one of my favorite weeknight cooking methods. Build big flavor fast by searing a quick cooking protein (chicken breast), add in some no-fuss mixers (canned white beans and marinated artichoke hearts), top with a punchy cooking liquid (stock, lemon juice, dried herbs), and finish in the oven for 10-12 minutes. This […]

Quick Thai Coconut Salmon

Quick Thai Coconut Salmon

Canned coconut milk and Thai roasted red curry paste have become fast pantry favorites around these parts. Coconut milk adds richness and body, while the red curry paste packs a convenient punch of flavor without needing to rely on a slew of different spices. This Thai Coconut Salmon dish is a great way to get […]

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili

I’ve converted many vegan chili skeptics with this Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili. Stirring in a can of refried beans makes it thicker, heartier, and bumps up the protein. And while it looks like a lot of ingredients, most are spices or pantry staples. You can pull this off after work in under 40 minutes, […]

Make Dinner Healthier Sheet Pan Snack Tray

5 Ways to Make Dinner Healthier (and More Interesting) This Week

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of cooking dinner again this week (typical Dinner behavior, he’s so relentless), know that you are not alone. I’m venturing to guess at some point during your term as Parent, you’ve experienced some nagging feelings of guilt, overwhelm and obligation to feed your people something nourishing and not […]

Chicken Pot Pie Bowls with Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Chicken Pot Pie Bowls

Chicken Pot Pie Bowls! Ok, I admit, there isn’t a speck of flakey, buttery crust in this one, so not technically pie, BUT we’ve got creamy, savory, lick your bowl delicious pot pie FILLING, and doesn’t that count for something? Served over the easiest 3-ingredient slow cooker mashed sweet potatoes, but just as easily served […]