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Bowl filled with vegetables, rice noodles, crispy tofu and tamarind dipping sauce

Spring Roll in a Bowl

Spring rolls are really simple to make, but they’re not something I want to prepare on a weeknight. Instead, I skip the rice paper wrapper, toss all ingredients into a bowl and use a simple dipping sauce as the dressing. Deconstructed spring rolls! It’s so much simpler and just as delicious.

Adobo Black Bean Fajita Bowls with Avocado Yogurt

Adobo Black Bean Fajita Bowls with Avocado Yogurt

I’ve never met a grain bowl I didn’t like and this Tex Mex-inspired fajita bowl is no exception. Brimming with plant-based goodness like black beans, peppers, onions and brown rice, this recipe is as delicious as it is easy. To add big flavor fast, and skip wrangling multiple spice jars, I’m using an all-in-one Adobo […]

Quinoa grain bowls topped with roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries, toasted pepitas and maple-tahini dressing

Butternut Squash Quinoa Bowls with Maple-Tahini Dressing

Warmly spiced roasted butternut squash is the star of the show in these fall-inspired grain bowls. Garam Masala seasoning is an Indian spice blend that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of winter squash (find it near the other dried herbs and spices). To cut down on prep time, look for pre-cut butternut squash in the […]

Mujadarra Bowls with Tahini Yogurt

Mujadarra Bowls with Tahini Yogurt

To keep this classic Middle Eastern lentils and rice dish weeknight-friendly, slice the onions and steam the brown rice in advance. I also recommend taking advantage of pre-cooked lentils (look for them in the refrigerated section) to save major time. Meatless Monday or not, this is one of the most crave-worthy plant-based comfort foods I can […]

Green Quinoa Bowls with Basil Vinaigrette

There is something so satisfying about a bunch of food in bowls (unless you have an aversion to foods touching, then this one is a problem). This Green Quinoa Bowl is totally customizable to whatever raw or cooked vegetables you have on hand. The tangy basil vinaigrette is the star that ties it altogether.

Golden Cauliflower Bowls with Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette

Golden Cauliflower Bowls w/ Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette

Cauliflower and chickpeas are seasoned and roasted with warm spices and lemon zest in these meal-prep-friendly high-protein vegan dinner (or lunch!) bowls. Served with fresh baby spinach, quinoa, and a bright lemon parsley vinaigrette, you’ve never met a more satisfying or crave-worthy plant-based bowl.

Curry Roasted Salmon Bowls

Curry-Roasted Salmon with Tomato-Braised Chickpeas

I am so excited to share this straight-up delicious (and easy) recipe from Nicki Sizemore’s latest book, Build-a-Bowl! As someone who adores food in bowls (as evidenced here, here and here), these recipes speak to my soul. And because I’m all about easy weeknights, many of the ingredients (like grains and sauces) can be prepped ahead, […]

Asian Spring Roll Bowls

Asian Spring Roll Bowls with Peanut Sauce

Asian Spring Roll Bowls – all the flavor of spring rolls without the fuss of actually making them! Combine your favorite spring roll fillings in a bowl atop cooked rice noodles or quinoa, and finish with a super simple peanut sauce you’re going to want to pour on just about everything.

Chicken Pot Pie Bowls with Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Chicken Pot Pie Bowls

Chicken Pot Pie Bowls! Ok, I admit, there isn’t a speck of flakey, buttery crust in this one, so not technically pie, BUT we’ve got creamy, savory, lick your bowl delicious pot pie FILLING, and doesn’t that count for something? Served over the easiest 3-ingredient slow cooker mashed sweet potatoes, but just as easily served […]

Chicken Shawarma Bowls

Chicken Shawarma Bowls

Chicken Shawarma is traditionally cooked rotisserie style, but this weeknight version expedites the process without skimping on flavor. Slicing the chicken thighs into strips before marinating means this cooks up quickly and goes from pan to pita (or quinoa bowl) in minutes. The Chicken Shawarma Bowls are shown here topped with easy-to-prep veg and store-bought […]