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Winter Squash Recipe Round-Up

Winter Squash Recipe Round-Up

Oh my gourdness. It’s that time of year when winter squash adorn kitchen counters. If you find yourself with one of these seasonal squash and you don’t know what to do with it, here are ten weeknight-friendly ideas. Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Spaghetti Squash Squash Egg-in-a-Hole Roasted Delicata Squash and Goat Cheese Pasta Butternut Squash Red […]

How to plan a week of dinners

How I Plan Our Weeknight Meals (Almost) Every Week

What’s the number one frequently asked question I receive? How do you come up with your weekly dinner plans? Much of what drives me to plan our weekly dinners in advance comes back to saving. Saving time and money are motivation enough for me to stay aboard the dinner planning train most weeks. But believe me, […]

My Top 5 Tips for Meal Planning During Holiday Weeks

Before you let a long weekend or midweek holiday throw a wrench in your meal planning and prep mojo, consider an adaptable, recipe-less gameplan to prevent weeknight dinner hour panic. This approach works well for those weeks when schedules are unpredictable and helps to reduce the risk of food waste. Follow these five simple guidelines […]

Make Dinner Healthier Sheet Pan Snack Tray

5 Ways to Make Dinner Healthier (and More Interesting) This Week

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of cooking dinner again this week (typical Dinner behavior, he’s so relentless), know that you are not alone. I’m venturing to guess at some point during your term as Parent, you’ve experienced some nagging feelings of guilt, overwhelm and obligation to feed your people something nourishing and not […]

How to Help Your Family Eat More Greens

How to Help Your Family Eat More Greens

If you compare any set of published nutrition guidelines, whether established by a national academy, agency, international organization, or otherwise specified foundation, council, university, society, or institute, you are bound to see some variance. It’s no wonder we’re all confused about what to eat! Amidst the variability, though, I’m willing to bet you will see […]